Marine Weather Seminars & Clinics
Comments From Seminar Attendees

A+ Excellent, Thank you so much Mark! I was concerned that this class was going to be over my head. Those fears were quickly put to rest by Mark. Jeopardy is a fantastic way to solidify and reinforce this information in our minds. The exercises were great!

Mark is so knowledgable and made it easy for a newbie to understand. A lot of information. Good handouts

Well organized and thorough, good starting class. Great energy and passion for the subject.

Incredibly helpful. I feel much more prepared to interpret the weather. It will take some time to internalize and better use the info but looking forward to continue learning. Thank you!

I appreciate Mark's enthusiasm & knowledge of weather & forecasting weather. Best presentation I have had at my level (beginner) & I was able to understand!!! Fantastic!

Very clear presentation of an often confusing subject. Best weather presentation I've ever seen.

In this day and age of computers and mobile devices, the daunting challenge in teaching weather and forecasting is to (i) explain the fundamentals of weather dynamics (how weather systems develop and move), (ii) sort through and interpret the bewildering array of readily available professional weather data, text and graphics and (iii) offer practical tips for those going out on the water. In the Great Lakes Cruising Club's Weather Savvy Mariner webinar series, Mark Thornton managed to do all this in a seamless and exemplary fashion – a testament to his years both in the classroom and behind the helm.

Whether cruising, racing, or puttering, the Weather Savvy Mariner series is well-tailored to boating and very useful for making  go/no-go decisions that may just save your life.

Best weather seminar ever!!! My husband is a licensed captain and has attended several as well as basics in his classes and testing and in the 60 years he's been sailing.... He said it was, by far, the best weather seminar he has ever attended. 

I just wish I had half the knowledge Mark does! He's incredibly well-versed in both the topics of weather AND sailing, and I really enjoyed listening to him, not to mention I learned quite a bit as well!

I thought the Great Lakes Wind Forecasting was a great in-depth look at weather and forecasting, some of it was review, but so much of the program gave me a greater understanding of the elements of a forecast that I'm looking at. It was great!

You have a passion for meteorology that is contagious and a gift for communicating a complex subject.

I took your Great Lakes course at the Sandusky Sailing Club probably five years ago and still draw on the knowledge I learned there - you are a very good teacher of a complex topic.  We now live on our sailboat full time and cruise the Atlantic coast from the Bahamas to Maine.

I have attended many workshops and I can say yours ranks at the top. The material covered and your way of presenting it made for a great day.

Great class! Your exercises and methodology in maintaining class involvement throughout the learning process, and especially the closing exercise, gave me the confidence to be able to discern what sources will be most beneficial for planning my time on the water. I also appreciated the simple way each concept was explained and graphically portrayed. Bring it back to SCC and I'll be there again!

Mark, thanks for crafting and presenting a half-day Basic Marine Seminar  for Grand River Sailing Club. Our event was a success - well attended by water enthusiasts of all types. The high quality of the program enhanced the club's position as a water safety and education advocate, and helped us build community. Feedback was uniformly positive. Among the comments we heard:  "Excellent," "Very informative," and "The speaker was very knowledgeable." We hope to have you return to Lake County in the future!

What a great seminar on weather and wind forecasting at the BCYC. Mark did such a good job helping me plan our day on the water. If you are new to sailing/boating or an old salt this will benefit your sailing experience. I'll certainly be at the next seminar! Thanks.

Mark is an excellent presenter and his one day weather seminar is perfect for yachtsmen. I found his knowledge of the material to be outstanding and his ability to explain detailed weather concepts in realistic terms rewarding.

On behalf of the Bay City Yacht Club, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent job you did presenting the Great Lakes Weather Seminar! Your communication leading up the the event was timely, you brought your own top-notch gear & materials, you and your presentation were very organized, and best of all it was engaging and enlightening. If anyone out there is thinking about hosting your seminar, I urge them to stop thinking about it and do it, they will not be disappointed! We are already talking about having you back in a few years!

I have been racing and long distance cruising for the better part of 45 years and have a fairly good knowledge of Great Lakes weather systems and basic forecasting. At least I thought I had things in hand until I attended Mark's one-day weather seminar.

The information he presents, the forecasting exercises and follow-up resources available on his website and other online sources substantially increased my weather knowledge, understanding and future safety on the water. The session is only enhanced by Mark’s outstanding presentation skills. Whether you’re an old hand, just starting out or simply interested in learning more about Great Lakes weather, I highly recommend signing up for the next session.

Thank you again for a great day on Saturday.  Your Great Lakes Marine Weather Seminar was phenomenal.  Both Mike and I enjoyed it tremendously.  We definitely walked away more knowledgeable sailors than when we walked in.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. And by the way, we are both interested in any future seminar/classes that you may have.

I was not sure what to expect when attending your seminar on Basic Marine Forecasting. The presentation was excellent. The information you provided over the weekend was invaluable. If only I had this knowledge when I was racing on Lake Erie. Having the ability to better understand all the forces that effect weather patterns, highs, lows & fronts would have produced better results.

The information and websites provided by Mark will help when cruising, racing or just planning an outing. The Seminar helps you better understand the general forecasts. It provides timing and windows in the forecasts. I would encourage all boaters, sail and power, to attend one of his seminars. The information provided will help for a more safe and enjoyable experience when boating.

I'm a cruiser who has raced and done Race Committee in the past. I've attended both Mark's short presentation and his two-day seminar. Both were well organized and informative. I acquired knowledge at his seminars that would have been useful in racing and in the duties of a primary race officer. This knowledge will be useful in getting "there and back" safely and comfortably.